How to Troubleshoot Discord Push to Talk on Windows 10

How to Troubleshoot Discord Push to Talk on Windows 10

Push to Talk allows you to control background noise when communicating with your friends on Discord. However, sometimes, external factors such as Windows 10 or other applications can prevent features from functioning properly. This is how to solve common problems.

Check the Discord Sound & Video Panel

Windows Update can override the driver on your computer, and sometimes the fix is to re-select your audio device on Discord. You can also try changing the USB port that is connected to your headset, or even turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on.

To re-select your audio device in Discord, look at the lower left of the application screen and look for the “Gear” icon next to your profile. Click the “Gear” icon to open your “User Settings”.


Navigate down to the “Sound & Video” settings tab and select your microphone again under “Input Devices.”


Disputes provide a relatively easy way to verify that your microphone picks up your voice; in the same panel, click “Let’s Check” and then talk into the microphone. If the indicator is on, the microphone works. For optimal quality for those who listen to you, the indicator must jump to around 75 percent of the maximum when speaking at normal volume.

This might sound silly, but reselecting the mic often fixes the problem.

As an additional measure, you can choose to let Discord notify you if the input device you choose does not detect audio from your microphone. Scroll down to the bottom of the tab to find the switch.


Check your Default Headset and Microphone in Windows

Make sure your headset is set as the default input / output device on Discord and your PC. In Discord, you can check this by selecting your input / output device in the “Voice & Video” tab.

An easy way to check your default sound device in Windows 10 is to look at Sound Settings. Look for “Sound Settings” in your Start Menu and select your input / output device from the drop-down menu.


When finished choosing your default device, close the screen – Windows 10 will automatically save your settings.

Check Admin Settings

If you play a game (or any application) running in Administrator Mode, the push-to-talk button will not be captured unless Discord is also set to Administrator Mode.

Giving focus to applications (currently running in Administrator Mode) increases the permissions of your input devices (keyboard and mouse), making them accessible to any background application (such as Discord), which does not also have high permissions.

More concretely, if you crash an application that runs in Administrator Mode when Discord runs in Normal Mode, Windows denies Discord access to your keyboard. This is why running Disputes in Administrator Mode is the answer: this gives Disputes access to everything, including your keyboard.

To overcome this, start by manually closing Disputes on your Taskbar. The Discord desktop application can be closed manually by expanding the Windows 10 System Tray.


Next, right-click on the Dispute launcher and select “Run As Administrator.”


Try to start audio calls with friends with “Push To Talk” activated to see if this method works.

Check your Keybind Set

Start by selecting your User Settings in the lower left corner of the Dispute window and navigate back to the “Sound & Video” settings tab. All keybind currently used with Discord will be listed in the “Keybind Settings” menu – double checking that “Push To Talk” and “Push To Mute” are not set to the same button.


Keybind Settings “is where you set all your keybind on Discord. Select” Push To Talk (Normal) “and select which keybind you want to use – it can be the same keybind now using the” Shortcut “keybind (seen in the screenshot on on).


The “Push To Talk (Priority)” option is for those who manage a Dispute Server and want to create a Push to Talk button that allows them to quickly talk through other speakers in the voice channel.

Reset Sound and Audio Settings to Default

Sometimes, the best fix is a quick reset back to default settings. Be careful because your input / output device and keybind will be reset, so you might want to note what your settings are before you click this button.

Scroll to the bottom of the Twitch “Sound & Video” settings tab and select the big red button that says “Reset Sound Settings.”


Navigate back to the “Sound & Video” settings tab to select the button binder for Push to Talk.


After you select the keybind for Push to Talk, start an audio call with friends to see if this method works.

Contact Dispute Support

When all else fails, see the Discord FAQ page where you can find an extensive list of self-help menus written by the Discord Support Team. In the upper-right corner of the site, there is an option to send a request to the Discord Support team for further assistance.

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